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Headed to Vic Park for lunch a few days ago, where i don't usually go because it's so far away from where i live. But it was totally worth it :) 

We felt like something Asian so my friend suggested to go to ToTo Vietnamese Restaurant. 
The Menu's had pictures of the food which was perfect for us because we hardly eat Vietnamese food and didn't know what to order. 
I decided to get Beef and Pork Noodle Soup, and Vietnamese Ice Chendol. 

Beef and Pork Noodle Soup

Thinly sliced beef and pork with crunchy bean sprouts. 
Beef was cooked perfectly however the pork was just bone with a little bit of meat. The soup was flavorsome, a little sweet but tasty!!

Vietnamese Ice Chendol

This was a different kind of Ice Chendol then i have had before. 
This had red bean, green jelly noodles, coconut milk and shaved ice.
Normally palm sugar would be included. 
The coconut milk was a bit thick which made it hard to drink so it ended up more like a desert than a beverage. 

I would love to go back and try more Vietnamese food :)


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