Zodiac Bubble Tea Cafe


I came across this small cafe in Cockburn Station area a few months ago.
I've been going back for waffles and karaage chicken ever since!!
They serve snacks, lunch/dinner and desserts mainly waffles and bubble tea.

Strawberry Fruit Ice-Cream Waffle 
Fresh strawberries and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate or maple syrup.

          Banana Chocolate Ice-Cream Waffle                            
    (Fresh Banana's and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate or maple syrup)   

The waffles are nice and crispy and the fruits tasted fresh. 
But seriously how can you go wrong with chocolate, ice-cream, bananas and strawberries?

Matcha Japanese Bubble Tea with Sago   

I have tasted a few flavours of bubble tea from Zodiac and most of them tasted off or powdery. I think because the powder hasn't been mixed in properly.
The only one that tasted decent was Matcha Japanese which is a green tea flavour. 
I don't suggest to get bubble tea from Zodiac as the prices are the same as many other bubble tea places with better quality. 

I currently don't have a picture of the Karaage Chicken but it is the best i have ever tasted in Perth.
The chicken is juicy and crispy. Anytime i feel like a snack that's where i go for Karaage!! 
It can also be served as a meal, comes with drink and rice :) 

Waffles I've Had Previously 

Large Chocolate Waffle

Left Column: Jam Waffle, Chocolate Waffle & Peanut Butter Waffle
Right Column: Chocolate Waffle & Zodiac Fall In Love Waffle

Even though the bubble tea is a let down, the waffles never seem to disappoint and i am keen to try out more flavours. The Karaage chicken i would suggest you to try out, you wont be disappointed :)  

Zodiac has been offering deals with Scoopon so keep an eye out for those and also they have specials on for every month :) 
Check out their facebook for the specials https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zodiac-Bubble-Tea-Cafe/


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