Superstar Waffles

Superstar Waffles of my favourite waffles places in Perth, located in Northbridge tucked away in a lane that i never knew existed until one of my friend's took me there. I've been going back there ever since.
Its the place to go when im having sweet cravings!! 

Original Waffles

Top: S'mores Waffle
Bottom: Peanut Butter Mousse Waffle 

Same as above

S'mores waffle consist of marshmallow fluff with a scoop of nutella on top with extra marshmallows, served with cream and ice-cream. Personally i think it is too sweet for my liking but my friend liked it.
The Peanut butter mousse waffles is my favorite one i've had so far, consisting of peanut butter mousse with oreo crumbs served with oreo biscuit and maple syrup. Yum!

Top: Strawberry Fields
Bottom: Peanut Butter Mousse Waffle 

Strawberry fields waffle is served with fresh strawberries and chocolate syrup, with a hint of icing sugar on top, as well as cream and ice cream. 

Top: Chocolate Waffle
Bottom: Banoffee Waffle 

The Chocolate waffle explains itself, melted chocolate on top with cream.
The Banoffee waffle is served with fresh bananas on top of a bed of toffee, served with maple syrup, cream and ice cream. 

With some of the original waffles you can choose between chocolate or maple syrup. 


Left: Ice Chocolate
Right: Ice Taro

Ice chocolate with cream and ice cream. 
Thought i would go with something different so i chose Ice taro, it was delicious. It also had vanilla ice cream in it!!

The waffles are a affordable price $8-$11 depending what type. Waffle sticks are also available if your just wanting a snack, they are $3-$5. A scoop of ice cream or if you want to add any thing else on top costs extra. 

An original waffle will definitely fill you up, i would say it would be too much to have it after a meal for dessert. Normally i go there with an empty stomach :)
The only downside i would say are the toilets, it's a communal  toilet around the corner and not very clean. Apart from the foods tasty, service is friendly and atmosphere is great :)


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