The Cool Room


The Cool Room, the name says it all!!
My friend keeps asking me to come to this place, which happens to be right next to my golf club.
So after a game of golf a few weeks ago we decided to come here for lunch.

The restaurant has a vintage retro decor and furniture, very different from what you would expect 
but in a good way :) 
They even have synthetic grass as their floor!!


Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese Tart with Fresh Greens

Normally i'm not into tarts but this was out displayed on the counter and looked really good.
And i was right, it was sooo good!! 
Everything was perfectly balanced, the pastry just melted in my mouth and the balsamic dressing was amazing. 

Cool Room Bruschetta
(Poached eggs, mushroom, goats cheese with greens on toast)

My friend ordered this dish, i did have some of the mushroom with goats cheese and salad which
was nice.

Toasted panini beetroot relish, avocado, goat cheese side salad

The bread was crispy and tasted really good, my friend said they put rosemary oil on it.
The panini was delicious, i wish they put more variety of salad rather than just spinach.


Ice Coffee and Cake

My friend wanted something small so she ordered an ice coffee and a piece of cake.
She said the cake was delicious and very moist.
The flower on top is pretty not sure if its edible though.


Ice Coffee

My friend said that this place has the best ice coffee.I don't drink coffee often and when i do it's normally ice coffee, so i had to try this out.It was amazing!! 
I wouldn't say its the best but definitely one of the best i have had.

The dishes were fresh and were really refreshing to have for lunch. The vibe was great and the staff was super friendly. The pricing is on the higher side but it is definitely worth it. 


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