9 Seeds


After a game of golf on Friday, my friend and i wanted to go somewhere else instead of the
Cool Room so my friend suggested 9 Seeds
It was about 10am when we were there, there wasn't many people the drinks came quickly
but they did forget about my friends muffin.
When you first walk in, the cafe gives off a nice vibe, they have a small indoor area but
 they also have an outdoor shaded area that is perfect for this time of year.

Brunch Time

Pumpkin Salad and Mango Smoothie   

They make fresh juice and smoothies which i am really into right now. I originally ordered a mango and banana smoothie but they ran out of banana. It still tasted great :)
 I didn't feel like anything heavy so i ordered a pumpkin salad, which was to die for! Yum! 

Blueberry Muffin and Ice Coffee 

My friend ordered a blueberry muffin and couldn't finish it so i took half of it home. 
It was a bit dry for me but the flavour was there, the crunchy bits at the top was the best. 

My friend said she buys cakes from here and always gets asks where she buys them from. 
Im quiet excited about this place, will come back again to see what else they offer :) 
Overall the staff were great and friendly, apologized when we asked about our muffin. 
Its a nice place just to kick back and relax. 


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