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Hey Everyone!!
I've been super busy lately with uni starting and working. I know i haven't posted in a while but i have been around to heaps of places so there will be a few post coming up :) Yay!
This is a quick post on one of the regular places i go.

Gelare is always one of the places i go for waffles and ice cream, it is well known for their half price waffles on Tuesday. Hence why it is always packed on a Tuesday night. They also serve coffee, smoothies, cakes and other types of desserts.  

Large Waffle with Cream and Syrup and 
Extras: Chocolate sauce, Vanilla Bean Ice cream and Cinnamon

I forgot the name for this waffle, it has the name cinnamon in it, its the only cinnamon one on the menu if you wanted to get it. So delicious!! Just looking at this again is making me hungry........
The waffles they make are always consistent, not too crunchy not too soft.

Waffles come with the option of adding cream and syrup, other toppings can also be added on with extra charge. But seriously what's the point of getting a waffle without cream and syurp? Its the best part!

The only thing i have to complain about is the customer service, normally the staff is really friendly but there is this one staff there that seem like he just doesn't want to be there. When i went up to ask for more cutlery he just ignored me and walked past twice. Picture this i am standing at the counter by myself waiting, he didn't even bother to ask why am i standing there. When i finally got his attention he just pointed in the other direction, someone else finally came to serve me. Just needed to let some steam out!

Don't be discouraged to go after reading this because the waffles are worth the price especially on cheap Tuesdays!! And there are many other Gelare locations to go to :)



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