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Occasionally our family would be too busy or too exhausted to make dinner, from time to time we would go out and eat or we would get a quick fast food takeaway. Personally i prefer getting takeaway and eating it in the comfort of my home but fast food isn't always ideal. Menulog contacted me and introduced me to a new way of ordering food online from local restaurants. 

It is quick and easy. Menulog will search for restaurants nearby, that deliver to your area. Upon choosing the restaurant, the delivery time and options of food is then chosen. A order confirmation was then received via text. There were 5 restaurants that delivered to my area, mainly Italian, Asian or Indian cuisine. Feeling like pizza so i went with Brandi Pizzeria

I ordered a 2 Family pizza and a 1.25L coke deal. 
The delivery time was fast and arrived earlier than the chosen time. The pizza wasn't as hot like it just came out of the oven, it was more warmish/cold. 


Aioli Chicken

The pizza crust was thin and a little burnt on some edges. 
The first pizza i ordered was a Siciliana, consisting of eggplant, italian sausage and ricotta cheese. The flavours was quite bland, the ricotta cheese taste didn't come through either which was disappointing.
The second pizza is Aioli Chicken, consisiting of chicken, onion and bacon topped with garlic aioli. Loving the aioli, it always makes everything better. 

Menulog is incredibly easy to use and very convenient. I would defiantly use it again to try out other places.

Thanks to Menulog its GIVEAWAY time! 


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